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Apps Development Visual Studio Issues

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I was trying to install SharePoint 2013 on premise development environment and encountered the following issues while deploying the app using Visual studio 2013.

Please refer these articles for configuration settings.





Error 1:

Error occurred in deployment step ‘Install app for SharePoint’: The System Account cannot perform this action.

Error 2:

The local SharePoint server is not available. Check that the server is running and connected to the SharePoint farm.

Error 3:

Error occurred in deployment step ‘Install app for SharePoint’: We’re sorry, we weren’t able to complete the operation, please try again in a few minutes. If you see this message repeatedly, contact your administrator.


For error 1, follow these instructions:

a. Create a new domain account DOMAIN\myApp_Admin

b. add DOMAIN\myApp_Admin to local admin group

c. add DOMAIN\myApp_Admin to Farm Administrators group

   Central Admin site –> Site Settings –> People and groups

   Add DOMAIN\myApp_Admin

For error 2 & 3, follow these instructions:

1. Grant DOMAIN\myApp_Admin accont a sysadmin server role on SQL server

2. Open SharePoint Power Shell and execute Add-SPShellAdmin <DOMAIN\myApp_Admin> command.

3. Grant DOMAIN\myApp_Admin a db_owner rights to web application Content database that you would like to use for debugging SharePoint 2013 app.

4. Make sure following roles are assigned for SharePoint_Config database




5. Make sure following roles are assigned for SharePoint_Content database


5. Make sure following roles are assigned for SharePoint_AdminContent database


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